Luxury Beachfront 1,500 square foot house on sandy swimming beach with nearby golf, boating, dining and more!
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We value each guest and work hard to ensure that The Beach House is at its prime for each new visitor.  We spend about 12 hours (really!) preparing for each new guest; below are the things we do:

1 Check for personal belongings left in drawers, closets & cabinets     

2 Change beds & launder linens     

3 check alarm clocks to ensure that alarms are not set     

4 Launder linens & towels     

5 Be sure washer and dryer are empty, clean out lint trap    

6 Check sofa beds for use and sofa bed hampers for clean linens     

7 Check Dixie cups     

8 Clean tub, shower and vanities     

9 Clean toilets     

10 Clean bath floors     

11 Change towels in baths and bedrooms     

12 Empty and clean wastebaskets     

13 Replenish pantry     

14 Restock soaps, bags, foil & such     

15 discard dishcloth, replace with new one     

16 Check all dishes and pans for clean     

17 Clean stove     

18 Clean oven as needed     

19 Clean refrigerator, discard left-over items     

20 Make ice     

21 Clean small appliances inside and outside     

22 Dust furniture, knick-knacks and lamps     

23 Dust window sills     

24 Check pens and pads     

25 Clean mirrors     

26 Clean spider webs inside windows     

27 Replenish hand soap, toilet paper, paper towels & cups     

28 Check emergency supplies     

29 Check light bulbs     

30 Be sure that TVs work     

31 Clean floors     

32 Clean patios     

33 Clean outside tables & Chairs     

34 Clean spider webs outside     

35 Water Shrubs & Plants     

36 Spray weeds     

37 Check propane/change as required     

38 Clean grille     

39 Mow     

40 Weed whack     

41 Blow off drive & patio